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Since our founding in 1968, Kinedyne has strived to keep our customers informed and educated about the use of different types of cargo control and the regulations effecting the transportation of all types commodities. Over the years, we have offered a variety of training for our customers and community, including:

  • Live Webinar to prepare fleets for yearly roadside inspections
  • Dealer Distributor Training online and in person
  • Cargo Control Regulation Training online and in person
  • Fleet Training and Industry Group Training

Kinedyne is now bringing additional training to all with our free online Cargo Securement 101 Training Videos. Each video shares specific information about a different product line, what is it, how to use it, how to recognize a quality product and more. Check out our video to the right to learn about all of the programs in the Kinedyne Cargo Securement Education Program and then scroll down to start learning with our 101 Video series.


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