What is Kin-Sider?

Kinedyne’s Kin-Sider Curtainside Solution replaces traditional curtainside systems commonly used on straight trucks and tractor trailers.

The Kin-Sider is comprised of many different components that all work together to provide a high-functioning curtainside system that you can trust. We carry each component and have listed the purpose of each one in their descriptions. From the top and bottom rails that offer a smooth glide to welding tape that patches up any holes in the curtain material to all of the Overcenter Buckles, Flat and Rave Hooks, Universal Tension Boxes, and Polyurethane Cords that have all been carefully designed to provide you with the most revolutionary curtain system in the industry.

Benefits of Kin-Sider

•Load and Unload from ground level with a forklift, so you don't have to get into the truck for access to the cargo

•Reduces risk of driver injury

•Fast and easy access to freight anywhere on the trailer at any time and eliminates the need to tarp during inclement weather minimizing downtime for a faster return on investment

•Custom made curtains to build brand awareness with digital graphics and no need for alterations

Using the Kinedyne Kin-Sider Curtainside Solution can prove to be beneficial for situations in which side loading is advantageous, such as racked cargo, long-cargo formats, and other scenarios where loading and unloading freight from the rear of a trailer can be a time-consuming task.

For those who wish to promote their business, stunning graphics are available as an option on our Kin-Sider curtain, offering highly visible imagery that grabs attention. This flame-retardant, PVC-laminated polyester material is covered in an anti-graffiti coating that protects the image’s integrity.

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