K2 Kaptive Beam System

If your company is looking for solutions to these problems, The K2 Kaptive Beam System by Kinedyne LLC may be the answer.

K2 offers fleet operators and freight consumers the "next generation" in captive beam decking systems. K2 is a new and improved version of our Original Kaptive Beam Decking system. It offers the durability and wear resistance that our customers have come to expect from Kinedyne products.

Why use a Decking system?

Decking beams allow you to increase the cargo capacity of your trailer by using the full floor to ceiling height to store cargo. The traditional "floor load" method uses only the floor space in the trailer to store freight. As a result, the trailer is "full" before it reaches the cargo weight limit. In effect, you only used half of the available space in your trailer to generate revenue! Decking beams allow you to increase the cargo capacity of your trailer through efficient use of available trailer cube.

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Why use a Captive Beam Decking system?

The trucking industry has used traditional decking beams to minimize freight damage and maximize revenue per load for many years. Unfortunately, use of traditional decking beams is inherently labor intensive and costly to an operator. Traditional beams are also prone to theft and loss since the beams do not remain secure in the trailer. A solution to the problem of high costs associated with replacing lost or stolen beams is the use of a Captive Beam system, which uses movable beams and a fixed vertical track system. The decking beams remain 'captive' to the trailer when not in use and can be stored all the way up to ceiling level.

Why use the Kinedyne K2 Kaptive Beam Decking system?

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