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Kinedyne Literature General Information

Specifications: All specifications shown in this catalog are subject to change without notice. All drawing dimensions are shown in inches [and millimeters] and are for reference only.

Special Services: Engineering Services Kinedyne conducts a full-scale, on-going program of research and development of new products for the cargo control industry. This effort is supported by an experienced engineering staff which has produced many innovations in the industry. Our staff, working with our Sales and Customer Service Representatives, is available to solve all customer cargo control challenges. Our staff includes a Sales Engineer, available to travel to customer locations and evaluate their application challenges on site. All drawings shown in this catalog are for reference only. A copy of this catalog is available for download in Adobe Acrobat format on the Kinedyne web site. Detailed CAD drawings are available by request from Kinedyne Engineering staff. Contact our Customer Service team or your local Account Executive for all technical requirements.

Quality Control & ISO Certification: Our corporate mission is to attain the highest Quality standards in our industry. In order to achieve this goal, Quality Management systems at key Kinedyne manufacturing facilities have been implemented to ensure compliance to the ISO9001:2008 standard. Components used to fabricate Kinedyne products are processed through a rigorous Quality Control system to ensure the highest possible performance and reliability of finished assemblies. A majority of the components and finished assemblies are manufactured by Kinedyne at our own facilities under the supervision of Kinedyne employees. Kinedyne products are manufactured according to the latest applicable international standards and specifications designated by various Government entities.

Pricing: This catalog does not contain any pricing information. To obtain price sheets, shipping policy and terms of sale, contact your authorized Kinedyne Distributor or Kinedyne Customer Service for all pricing requests. Special Offers: Products in this catalog do not represent everything Kinedyne has to offer. Many different customizations and product variations (special colors, different types of webbing, special applications, variations of steel products, etc.) can be quoted based on project requirements. Lead times will vary based on the complexity of the request.