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2" Webbing

Ratchet Handle, 2" Snap Hooks, 7' long 15661-1

Specifications: 2" webbing x 7 feet long

Ratchet Handle and 2" Snap Hooks

Used in combination with our Axle Straps, our Heavy Duty Auto Ratchet Tie-Down will provide you and your vehicle security for the road ahead.

Working Load Limit: 3,335 lbs./1513 kgs.

Ratchet Handle, Auto Hook, Series E/A Fittings 15533

Specifications: Ratchet Handle, 3703 Universal Auto Hook and two (2) Fe8029-1 Series E/A Logistic Track Fittings.

Used when transporting automobiles inside a trailer. It uses the Universal Auto Hook and is attached with 2 straps on each side of the vehicle connected to the trailers E track and ratcheted tight. There is also a built in sleeve web protector to protect your strap from abrasion by the automobile.

Working Load Limit: 1,500 lbs./680 kgs.

Ratchet Handle, Series E/A Fitting, Cluster Hook 15360

Specifications: Ratchet Handle with Series E/A Fitting and FE8171-1 Cluster Hook.

Secure autos in trailers with floor mounted series E or A logistic track. This Cluster Hook allows attachment to Tie-Down holes on most auto frames.

R-Hook (GM & Chrysler), T-Hook (Ford) and J-Hook (Import)

Breaking Strength: 6,000 lbs., 2730 kgs.

Working Load Limit: 2,000 lbs., 909 kgs.

Weight: 5.4 lbs., 2.5 kgs.

Ratchet Handle, Series E/A Fittings 15668

Specifications: Ratchet Handle with FE8029-1 Series E/A Logistic Track Fittings.

High performance vehicles like race cars, exotic and specialty cars require pampering only Steadymate can provide. This tire strap has been designed with no cleats, specifically engineered for low wheel wells. Set includes Left and Right Hand Straps

NOTE: You must order two sets to secure all four wheels.

Working Load Limit: 1,500 lbs./680 kgs.