• Cam Buckles Cam Buckles

    Cam Buckles

  • Chain Anchors Chain Anchors

    Chain Anchors

  • Flat Hooks Flat Hooks

    Flat Hooks

  • Overcenter Buckles Overcenter Buckles

    Kinedyne overcenter buckles enable the user to put additional tension on the strap through an effective overcenter toggle action with minimum wear to the webbing. All overcenter buckles, except the 905 and 960 feature a positive lock mechanism. Kinedyne overcenter buckles are made from carbon steel with either a zinc plated, powder coated or stainless steel finish.

  • Ratchet Buckles Ratchet Buckles


  • S Hooks S Hooks


  • Wire Hooks Wire Hooks

    Wire Hooks

  • Snap Hooks Snap Hooks

    Snap Hooks

  • Rings Rings

    Kinedyne's rings come in all sizes and shapes to provide a strong and secure point of attachment.

  • Logistic Track Fittings Logistic Track Fittings

    With such a large variety of track installed in vans, rail cars and airplanes, Kinedyne probably has a track fitting that matches. Check out the large variety of durable fittings here before you look elsewhere.

  • Specialty Hardware Specialty Hardware

    Looking for that special piece of hardware to finish the job. Kinedyne offers several varieties of hardware, from strap end mounting plates to circular rings.