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Utility & Off Road

Snowmobile/ATV Tow Strap 15543

Whether stuck in slush, deep powder or mud ensure you are prepared. This rescue strap should be part of every snowmobiler’s and four wheeler’s tool kit. Durable 1" web is 15 feet long and has snap hook ends so it does not come loose during use.

Working load limit: 835 lbs./380 kgs.

Tree Saver Strap 15461

The Tree Saver Strap was developed to ensure you protect mother nature from damage caused by cable and chain and to keep tree sap from your expensive Rode, Rope or Tie-Down. Can be configured in a Basket or Choker formation

Breaking Strength: 10,000 lbs./4540 kgs.

Working Load Limit: 3,300 lbs./1500 kgs.

Alternate Working Load Limit: Choker configuration: 5,280 lbs./2395 kgs

Size: 4" wide x 6 feet long