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Transom Trappers

Transom Trapper I 15474

The Transom Trapper I is a unique solution to secure the stern of your ski or fishing boat to the trailer. It comes complete with a built in 1" gel coat protector and trailer snap hook. Has positive locking snap hooks on both ends and is tightened with a cam buckle.

2 Tie-Downs per package.

Length range from 12" - 54"

Working Load Limit: 835 lbs./378 kg.

Transom Trapper II 15475

Like the Transom Trapper I, the II is designed for a larger boat. Designed with a 2" webbing, gel coat protector and snap hooks on both ends. This strap is serious!

2 Tie-Downs per package.

Length range from 18" - 60"

Working Load Limit: 1,330 lbs./603 kgs.

Transom Trapper III 15529

Our Premium Marine Tie-Down. Built in velcro guide ensures gel coat protector does not shift and allows storage of excess web.

• DOT Regulation Compliant, positive locking 2” zinc plated military hook end.

• 2” zinc plated extra wide handled ratchet allows cargo type tensioning, just like the big truckers!

• Extra long 4” wide gel coat protector prevents scratches from ratchet and hook end.

• DOT Regulation Compliant positive locking 2” twisted zinc plated military hook will not come loose from the trailer while in transit.

Why Twisted? In “Big” boat applications it evenly distributes the load over the trailer’s welded “U” hooks without the strap twisting. This strap is good for both stern and freeboard applications. DOT Regulation Compliant Tags.

Working Load Limit: 3,335 lbs./1,512 kgs.

Length range: 22” to 144”