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Winch Straps, Rhino Web

Kinedyne introduces "Rhino Web" a new, more durable and abrasion resistant webbing for cargo control tie-down straps. "Rhino Web" yields 30% more tensile strength after severe abrasion and is 30% thicker with a tougher surface. "Rhino Web" will complement and round out Kinedyne's already extensive line of quality webbing.

"Rhino Web" is rigorously tested using conditions that are much more demanding than standard abrasion testing. In standard abrasion testing the webbing is rubbed over a 1/4" hex bar with a 5-lb. weight providing the tension. This testing is adequate for standard tie-down's but Kinedyne's "Rhino Test" more accurately portrays conditions on the road. Kinedyne's "Rhino Test" is a 2,000-cycle test utilizing the rough corner of a cement block with 33 lbs. attached to the webbing.

This new, durable webbing is manufactured at the state-of-the-art Kinedyne facility in Alabama. "Rhino Web" is available in both 2" & 4"winch straps and ratchet straps. Requests for special strap assemblies made with the new "Rhino Web" will be accommodated. 3" winch straps and ratchet straps are available in Canada.